6-week Starting Out Translator Challenge (Online Course Level starting out) – 6 weeks




This program is for you if

You have just graduated and you need guidance on how to become a professional translator.

You have been a translator for 1-2 years but you do not know how to become specialized or how to select your niche.

You have been a translator for less than 3-4 years but you still struggle with getting clients and having a stable income.

You are an experienced translator with more than 5 years of experience but you want to enhance your marketing material, branding and strategy.

You have 10+ years of experience as a translator but you want to refresh your knowledge, marketing skills and branding.

How this program will benefit you

  • Clearly define short- and long-term SMART goals and the steps you need to take today to achieve them.
  • Define your target market beyond the job position – the AVATAR Ebook & Worksheet takes you through what makes them want to invest in and build a relationship with YOU
  • Find what sets YOU apart. Create a headline and Unique Selling Proposition that takes you from just another translator to one with a waiting list.
  • Write a CV that presents you as a high-value professional partner instead of just another vendor.
  • Create a cover letter that resonates with your clients and makes them trust you with their business.
  • Define a web strategy to both expand your word-of-mouth marketing and also reach prospects via multiple channels.
  • Create an online presence and LinkedIn profile that keep you top-of-mind in your niche.
  • Build a direct outreach strategy that keeps your pipeline consistently full and turns famine periods into a thing of the past.
  • Learn about networking in a way that feels natural, agenda-free, and consistently generates more translation clients.

What You’ll Learn on This Program…

  • SMART Goals, AVATAR, Niche
  • Target Market
  • Headline & USP
  • Drafting a Translator CV
  • Better an Email than a Cover Letter
  • Web Strategy & LinkedIn
  • Client Acquisition Strategies – Direct Outreach


  • The SMART Goals Ebook & Worksheet.
  • The AVATAR Ebook & Worksheet.
  • Direct Outreach Strategy Worksheet and work on your strategy step-by-step.
  • Headline & USP Ebook & Worksheet.
  • The Ultimate Professional CV Checklist.
  • Dynamic Words List for powerful sales language that communicates value
  • The Key Points PDF File for a CV that stands out
  • The Web Strategy Worksheet
  • Cover Letter Template
  • More useful resources for your further reading

Here’s how this program is delivered…

by mixture of live webinars and recorded videos

A video with action steps to be taken during each week will be shared every Monday for the next 6 weeks followed by a Q&A Session Live in the Starting out as Translator Facebook Group  to answer all of your questions.

Then a weekly email like the following is going to be sent to those who have subscribed with the actions to be taken and the tools to be used.