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Olive oil against wrinkles! A natural treatment.

Protect your skin from premature ageing, using extra virgin olive oil.

Our grandmother (who by the way had a wonderful skin despite the hard farmer’s work) used to say: ‘Never put on your skin something that you can’t eat!’.

Also, it turns out that many celebrities like Emma Stone and Kylie Jenner have discovered the benefits of olive oil for skin and use olive oil on their faces.

So, let’s talk about olive oil in our daily beauty routine!

There are many reasons for which olive oil is widely used in cosmetic industry.

Olive oil is rich in antioxidants, it prevents skin ageing, the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines; it also nourishes, rejuvenates and protects the skin. Rich in vitamin E and A, olive oil helps prolong youth, hydrates the skin and maintains its elasticity.

The list of olive oil benefits is long.

Extra virgin olive oil is composed of more than 80% oleic acid. This substance easily penetrates the skin and allows the oil to reduce wrinkles and improve texture.

The purest and most effective anti wrinkle treatment is to apply olive oil topically on the first lines and wrinkles before going to bed and keep it all night. Rinse off well in the morning. To maximise the benefits of this treatment you can use a scrub on your face before applying the olive oil. The dead cells of your skin will be removed and it will be easier for the oleic acid to penetrate in the deeper layers of your skin.

You can repeat this treatment as often as needed, depending on your skin type and its needs.

This is only one of the multiple uses of extra virgin olive oil in our beauty routine. Stay tuned to learn more beauty tips soon!